Mobile-friendly? What, you say?

rank for mobile search des moinesYes, over night, the powers at Google changed their algorithms for search to require all sties to be “Mobile-friendly” or be excluded from mobile search. You can read more about their changes here:

This change is a great advantage to you and all of those that keep their sites current with search compatibility best practices. As Google enacts these changes, sites NOT mobile-friendly will no longer be indexed for mobile search results. Yes, you heard right… NON MOBILE-FRIENDLY SITES WILL NOT SHOW UP IN MOBILE SEARCHES AFTER TODAY!

While standard desktop search will not be affected, making our ongoing SEO and hosting, security, and support as effective as ever, we’ve been seeing, on average, a 120% growth in mobile referrals and search for many of our client sites. With that, we trust this is the way of the future and decided to be proactive in compliance (and to help you beat your competitors to the punch, so-to-speak).

We’ve seen this change coming for quite some time. And as we developed newer sites, we made sure mobile was an option when the time came. For our earlier sites, we took the time to add the necessary components to comply with the mobile-search requirements.

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As part of our ongoing support to ALL of our clients – from those on our *BASE25 hosting plan to those we provide Interactive Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for – we have updated ALL WordPress-based sites to comply to Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.

Now, when you go “your” on your mobile device, including some tablets, your site will load with our base mobile-friendly formatting. You can verify your site for Google’s Mobile-friendly compatibility here:

Mobile-friendly search compliance is just the beginning.

spoke-mobile-friendly-search-menuWhile our developers added necessary components to make your site mobile search-friendly, some mobile conversions will still need some updating to include:

  • base branding and design integration for better user experience
  • social media links for connectivity and enhanced engagement
  • testing for custom code within the “Desktop” versions (if applicable)

As default, your site has been set to show the latest posts within the site. This provides a current snapshot of your site’s activity, provides deep and relevant SEO content for search engines, as well as creates an engaging landing page for your end users. Those sites that do not have a blog or a content marketing program have been set to show a standard landing page – most likely the “About Us” page or an equivalent welcome page. Any customization of the base mobile-friendly version of your site has been held for your input and may require some charges for conversion and inclusion.

We encourage you to pull your new, mobile-friendly site up on your phone or other mobile device and take a tour. Then, give SPOKE a call to go over the changes or additional updates needed to the site to make it as engaging as your desktop version.

Have questions on your new mobile-friendly site and Google’s requirements for search? Please reach out to us! You can contact us through our contact page, or simply give us a call directly at (515) 257-6584.

Keep Cooking,
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef