I had the honor of heading down to southern Iowa last night to talk to the Entrepreneurship students at South West Iowa Community College (SWiCC). My charge was easy enough; explain the steps I’d taken through entrepreneurship and how branding affected my decisions and the development of my business. But then I thought a bright-eyed group of burgeoning entrepreneurs deserved more than my typical “TRUE Branding 101” spiel. This presentation required a little “from the heart?” A little “I’ve been in your shoes?” Maybe this needed to be a little more personal.

Of course, branding for entrepreneurs is paramount.

“Without a TRUE brand,” I explained, “attempts to build a thriving culture around your product or service will be futile. Use the TRUE branding theory as a guide and it will help in those times when you’re questioning your next steps. Just ask, does this fit my ‘TRUE brand?’”

The group I spoke to were focused and engaged. Many questions were brought up about truth in branding and marketing – “walking the walk” so-to-speak. And I did my best to assure them the world isn’t so “candy coated” or “superficial” as our social media and online lives seem to purport. I explained that being an entrepreneur isn’t the golden ticket to “Zuckerberg-ville” or even a fancy, new car.

What entrepreneurship means to me is autonomy and freedom from cubicles and middle management. It also means I get to live a life that is on my terms. If I work hard, I win. If I deliver on my brand promise, not only do my clients win, but my business, my brand, and my life all see the benefits. Enough?

So… Below is my Branding and Entrepreneurship presentation for SWiCC. Feel free to view, respond, download, and use for yourselves. I hope it inspired a few of the students last night and maybe a few of you out there as well.

Happy Branding!

Branding shouldn’t be taken on alone. For more on how to efficiently and effectively develop your brand communications strategy, head on through to the contact page of the Spoke web site. Or, heck, shoot me an email directly – andrew[at]SpokeCom.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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