It’s been a busy morning for bots and hackers. As a result, SPOKE, too, has been a bit busy. Time for more coffee.

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We were notified shortly after 3AM that brute force attacks and other complex access attacks were increasing exponentially on a few of our client sites. With properly protected sites, we only had to go in and block a few (dozen) IP addresses, but with attacks jumping by MILLIONS, we’re happy to have had the protections in place to begin with.  We were able to make quick work of locking down all of our sites and fending off the attacks.

What do YOU do when your WordPress Web site is attacked?

Remember, WordPress is one of the most prolifically used OPEN-SOURCE CMS options on the web. While some research shows over 30% of sites on the web are built on WordPress, we could bet it’s higher. Being the most popular development CMS tool means you’re going to be the target for nefarious activities. From simple scraping of content to attacks like we’ve seen today, you need to make sure your Web site is properly protected.

There are a lot of “off the shelf” WordPress hosts who claim security and ease of use. There are also shared servers where hosting your WordPress site can be done for pennies a day. BUT THINK BEFORE YOU DEVELOP. You need to make sure your information is protected.

What price can you put on the loss of company and client data?

What price can you put on protecting your Brand?

What price can you put on peace of mind?

SPOKE has been developing, designing, and hosting WordPress sites for over 10 years. We’ve seen the pitfalls of poorly protected and unsecured sites. When it comes to the protection of your digital information and that of your clients, make sure you’re partnering with an experienced, reputable team.

If you have questions on your Web site security or development for a WordPress site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the SPOKE team. We’d love to sit down and chat about your digital strategy and show you how a strong, secure digital brand hub can benefit your business.


Until Next Time,

Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef