Spoke Communications, LLC – Marketing Measurement


“If you build it, they will come,”only works in movies and make believe.

At the end of the day, you need to know the work has been done and has made an impact. SPOKE makes sure the connections made are trackable, show value, and provide direction for future engagement.

At Spoke Communications, LLC, we start with the end in mind. We focus on results and measurement of our customers’ campaigns at every stage. With precise measurement along every step of the marketing communications process, you will be able to better gauge the success (or failure) of the execution and strategy, making changes when necessary, nit when it’s too late.

Whether the returns are digital analytics or tickets punched at the gate, you’ll know the actions taken through your marketing communications truly connected.

Spoke Communications Helps You Measure:

Campaign baselines
Workflow conversion success ratios
Hooks for lead generation
A/B Testing for messaging and targeted advertising
Sales leads cost per action

Beyond Google Analytics, the measurements we provide for the client should show conversion success and areas where the campaign has been a success and how the campaigns have benefited input as well as their bottom line.

Contact us today. Spoke can help you build a marketing campaign that gets results.

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