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press release writing services des moines iowaDo you want to achieve maximum exposure and impact when you tell your story? Make sure it’s written with a voice that professionally represents your brand, and communicates efficiently to the target audience you desire!

media press release writing des moines iowaSPOKE Press / Media Release Assistance: $89.95/per release
One (1) professional press release written and formatted for media distribution

  • All content will be based on the information the client provides in the survey below.

Process, Timeline & Details:

  1. Client submits content through the SPOKE Web site
  2. Within 24 hours, a SPOKE representative will respond with questions, comments, brief content interview to augment the skeletal information gathered in the survey
  3. Within 24 hours of the completed interview/discussion, a release will be written and formatted for media distribution and sent to the client via e-mail. (Word Doc and PDF)
  4. The client can then submit the release and any support material (graphics, photos, etc.) to their chosen media source, chamber, and other news/information outlets as needed.
  5. As an option, SPOKE media outreach and distribution services can be made available to the Member

 Press Release Base Survey:

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    Will you be distributing this release yourself or would you like to discuss SPOKE's newswire distribution service options?

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    I will be managing the distribution of our news myself.I would like to discuss options for utilizing SPOKE's newswire distribution services.

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