We normally don’t feature client work in the blog, but we’re really excited for the Website redesign we just finished, and we consider the process we took for this client one of the most important learning experiences we’ve had in a long time.  When it comes to Website Design, you may find opportunities where you least expected.

{The Client} hadn’t asked for the site updates nor did we expect to just walk in with a project and have the client say “Sure, we’ll spend some money with you! What the hell?”

Canine Craze Performance Center, a professional dog training and boarding facility located in Urbandale, Iowa, has been a client since 2010. We’ve managed their website hosting and upkeep and they’ve always been one of our most gracious clients. But after a half a decade, their original Website design and UX (not even considered when we did the original design) was getting a little stale. We felt it was time for a change.

While the website may have “needed” an aesthetic design update, going to our client with “Hey we want to redesign your entire Website and charge you for it – even though you never asked us to…” kind of pitch really isn’t part of our support process. Sure, the site functioned well. It received consistent traffic as well as stable and positive search ranking. The site content was successfully managed by the client and they never “seemed” to need anything more. But, in a nutshell, some of the functionality was becoming a little patch-worked with a mess of add-ons and the steady growth of the site and, honestly, it was old and “not so attractive” any more. (sorry Renee).

Finding Opportunities Where You Least Expect It Is Just Smart Marketing.

(Just) Ask and Ye Shall Receive

While the hosting and upkeep of the site was going well, Canine Craze hadn’t asked for the site updates nor did we expect to just walk in with a project and have the client say “Sure, we’ll spend some money with you! What the hell?” But a few weeks later, we called Renee Jetter, Owner/Trainer for Canine Craze, and simply asked if redesigning their Website would be on her marketing docket for this fall.

With recent growth and a stronger focus on dog training, development, as well as branding and marketing of some new proprietary dog training classes, she (almost literally) jumped at the idea of the redesign and relaunch. She even went a step further and challenged us to get it updated and launched before a major trade show on October 18th! (BTW: look at the date of this post… 😉  )

This is a win-win for Spoke and our client – here’s why:

Technology evolves faster than most can fathom. It’s our job as a digital marketing strategy partner for our clients to help them keep up. From changes in SEO tactics to better design opportunities, user functionality, and the integration of an endless number of site components including social media extensions and the such, the need for constant stewardship of your digital presence is imperative. By “going back” and reviewing what the site needed, above and beyond a fresh new look, was part of the process we promised her.

So, on top of the site facelift (sure we can make a site pretty), Canine Craze received:

  • Higher functionality for client-side management via WordPress
  • Added integration for visual updates that the client can manage through NEW plugins designed specifically for the site
  • A comprehensively optimized site for search engine crawl – focused on recent Google SEO algorithm updates
  • Updated mobile design and integration
  • Better social media connectivity

And this was done in short order to get the team and their marketing ready for a trade show this weekend.

Sometimes a facelift for your website is just the ticket. But the update and redesign of a Website should always include strategy for growth and augmentation for the client. Otherwise, its simply superficial smoke and mirrors that will need full framework updates (and even more investment) down the road.

We love clients that love what we do. Thanks Renee and the Canine Craze team for the opportunity to serve you. WE LOVE WHAT YOU DO and what you LET US do.

If you have a site that needs a design facelift (or more) please feel free to reach out to us. We work as our clients’ partners to create a successful digital marketplace and would LOVE to partner with you and your team.

As always, Keep Cooking!


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