Website security is no small part of providing great web development for clients.

As a service to our customers, Spoke Communications is constantly striving to protect not only the aesthetic integrity of your Websites, your communications and connectivity, but the data therein. In recent months, the “hacking world” has become very aggressive with attempts on accessing the servers, Content Management Systems (CMS), and data within Websites around the Internet. These attacks have caused immeasurable amounts of damage to websites all over the World, and in turn the ability for companies or individuals to be effectively, efficiently, and economically represented online.

Many development and hosting companies have increased rates or rescinded “guarantees of service” for secure hosting to accommodate for the efforts needed to protect sites, rectify hacks and/or update files for more secure operations. At Spoke, we think that is simply bad customer service and support. We will NOT increase rates nor will we charge for security services that are needed to maintain the integrity and safety of your Website, data and online brands.

The following steps have been taken in order to address the issues the Internet has been experiencing. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly at: or by calling 515-257-6584.

  • Spoke Communications added a log-in verification system that blocks users, by IP address, after 3 unsuccessful log attempts. To date, we have blocked over 250 IP addresses (and counting). Some Websites are getting up to 75 unauthorized login attempts PER DAY!
  • Spoke Communications added Sucuri® security software to ALL client sites. Sucuri® logs and reports all changes and updates made within the site. Whether attempts are made on the server side or within the CMS interface, we will be immediately alerted and are able to take action on any unauthorized changes or additions to the site. Sucuri also tracks, monitors and reports on any blacklisting and malware attempts on our client sites. For more on Sucuri® and the services available with your site can be found at:
  • Finally, Spoke Communications integrated a backup protocol system that backs up all of our client site databases weekly. Client graphics and other files are backed up every month. These backups are stored, 3-months deep, on a secure AmazonS3 server, allowing for virtually immediate restoration and/or access to original data and files in the case of a catastrophic loss or breach of security.

As stated before, these additional security and protection steps have been integrated as a part of the current service provided to ALL of our digital clients – at every level – from basic hosting to content marketing, SEO, and Social media management customers.

If you have any questions about your digital or traditional marketing efforts, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you! And, as always, Keep Cooking!


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Andrew B. Clark
President / The Brand Chef
SPOKE Communications, LLC