Okay, this set of five questions starts with one MAJOR Web marketing discovery question:

“How successful is your Web site at accomplishing your marketing goals?”

If you don’t know the answer, you need to stop reading now and set proper goals goals.  Only through goal-setting and tracking will you know if you have an effective strategy in place.

Once you have that established, work through the following five simple questions to gauge the effectiveness of your Web marketing efforts.

When your visitors see your site (and your business) as value-added then doing business with you is an opportunity, not a risk

Here are five simple questions you can ask pertaining to your interactive marketing strategies (specifically your Web site). The summaries that follow can be built into your overall marketing strategy as well.

  1. Does your website create a TRUE Branding starting-point?
    It should be THE starting point
    because it is impossible to control all aspects of your brand identity anymore. Your customers have blogs, forums, and Twitter now – where they can and will discuss your product, your pricing, your service and quality, even your marketing strategies (because everyone is a professional now).
  2. Does your website position you as THE expert in your field?
    Perception and reputation are everything
    to your potential customers and clients (Brand). Having a website that effectively conveys that expertise to your visitors improves and reinforces your visibility in the market, your credibility and begins to build trust in your brand.
  3. Does your website expand your market?
    It goes without saying, (but I’ll say it anyway…) The Web is “WORLD WIDE…” Depending on the products and services that you offer (shipping may be a consideration) you can now offer the services of your business to a global audience, not just the people within a few minutes’ drive. Start acting like it. If you communicate to local topics and responses you’ve just alienated 99% of your potential market.
  4. Is your website a lead-generation tool?
    Due to the expanded nature of the market and the rapidly growing number of people who do their research online before making a purchase, having an e-mail capture/site registration application on your site can help you to build a list of self-selected potential customers.
  5. Does your website provide value?
    Insightful articles (blog posts), E-books, white papers, product/ book reviews, and service explanations – all of these tactics can be made available within your site, for free, or for the price of an e-mail registration. When your visitors see your site (and your business) as value-added then doing business with you is an opportunity, not a risk.

They’re simple questions, but many of which I doubt are being asked. How can you make your website a more powerful marketing tool for your company?

Food for thought.

Keep Cooking (the right questions to move your company in the right direction.)
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef