Do you know how to protect your brand on social media?

In a recent Lunch-n-Learn for The Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC), SPOKE Communications was honored to guide a very engaging group through some of the ups and downs of protecting information and the development of business best practices for social media marketing (2nd session in the interactive marketing series for CCDC).  The group consisted of independent entrepreneurs looking to find their bearings in the world of social media marketing to financial institutions looking to protect their brands, their employees, and their families from the risks associated with social media.

Much of the seminar focused on protection, tips and tricks to social media marketing, and best practices for setting up social media protocol – personally and professionally. Conversations included password security and social media marketing management.

WHO manages the voice of your business? Is your business brand at risk on social media?

Below is the presentation used for the Social Media Marketing seminar.

[slideshare id=64295559&doc=spokemarcomm-socmedia201072016-160722204848]

For more information or to contact SPOKE about your own social media marketing needs, you can reach out to us through the “Contact” page of our Web site, email us at “biz{at}SPOKEcom{dot}com”, or call 515-257-6584.

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