In a recent conversation with a client, we discussed their struggles recruiting and retaining quality employees. While this is not an uncommon issue these days, we’re seeing companies turn to the marketing communications side to support and augment HR efforts in these matters.

emplyee recruting marketing communications

Some items we discussed to help gaining traction and retention with new employee recruitment:

DEFINE YOUR PRODUCT (Is this the job for them?):

Start with the job description. Be upfront with the need each applicant will fulfill as well as the value the hire will provide to the company. The job description and subsequent posting (on your web site, a job board, or LinkedIn, etc.) need to entice the applicant into seeing themselves as a valued member of your team.

DEFINE THEIR VALUE (Don’t commoditize your workforce.):

Make the job enticing and valuable to your prospect. Whether it’s workforce for the plant floor or C-suite executives, each applicant needs to feel they are valued and that the investment they are making in your company is reciprocated. An hourly employee, just as an Executive Team member, will put forth more effort and show more dedication to a company they feel values them. Each member of your team needs to feel like the company has their best interests at heart. From the initial interview to salary / benefits package discussions to hiring and onboarding, the employee, like your customer, needs to feel part of the full brand experience.

KNOW MARKET DEPTH (Don’t hold out for the “Perfect” candidate.):

You need employees yesterday! The workforce “Market” is thin right now. Ideally we’d all love to hire that team member that can hit the ground running with fire and vigor, knowing your company and industry inside and out. In reality, you need to make sure you have a team member who can pick up the job and close gaps in production (or sales or whatever their duty) as quickly as possible. We’re not suggesting hiring sub-par employees – quite the opposite. Hire the employee candidate that can grow into the position (maybe at a lower entry salary?), and be able to enhance the position in the future. With proper onboarding and team collaboration the “Somewhat-perfect” candidate may exceed all of your expectations.

UTILIZE WORKFORCE DATA (Blanket recruiting is a waste):

Job boards and social media postings are a start. Once you have your target candidate defined – similar to building a consumer profile in marketing – you need to understand WHERE they can be accessed quickly and effectively. Depending on detailed target data you can easily be recruiting right in the backyard of your competitors. Tactics like data sorting, A / B Testing, geofencing and targeted paid advertising in tandem with recruiting can be highly effective when pulling from a very competitive market. The more you know about your ideal hire before even posting the job, the more impact and precision you’ll have in the end.

BE T.R.U.E. (Truthful, Relevant, Unique, and Engaging):

The base of every brand marketing campaign we develop comes from my T.R.U.E. Branding™ program.

Through TruthClearly define your company, the job, the team culture, etc.

RelevanceHow does your company connect to the recruit? The community THEY live in? Your customers?

UniquenessHow does the job differ from any of the hundreds of others out there for this candidate?

and EngagementMake sure valuable connections are made and clearly understood from day one!

… your recruiting efforts will not only be brand-consistent, but have the strength and staying-power needed to recruit through all kinds of market scenarios.

These are wild times. Employment recruiting is chaos and it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. But if you take these suggestions into consideration when starting an employee recruitment campaign, you’re certain to not only find the right candidates, but build a team that is invested in your brand. And that’s a bonus at every level.

For more information on T.R.U.E. Branding™ or to discuss marketing communications solutions for your company, please reach out. We’d love to help build you a better employment brand.

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Andrew B. Clark