content marketing and sales strategiesMore than blogging, more than newsletter fodder or search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword depth, the content you develop within a strategic content marketing program has the power to truly impact sales. The more you can tell the story of your company, the stronger your team can present itself to your customers. For your sales team, content marketing provides a voice beyond product specifications, statistics and pricing. It offers depth, knowledge and leverage.

While many content marketing campaigns focus on external distribution in a public-facing approach, imagine the value of crafting these stories to empower your sales team. The information derived from a good brand-driven content marketing campaign offers an encyclopedia of company insights, industry perspectives, and opportunities to connect with the customer at a whole new level.

Whether it’s entrepreneurial you behind a single computer or dozens of business development professionals on the streets working with prospects and customers, a consistent, engaging story that is relevant and trustworthy makes every relationship stronger and more profitable.

Four simple ways to feed and support your sales team with content marketing:

  1. Engaging facts about your company – The more your sales team knows about your company, your product, and your service, the better they can solve the challenges that face them in a sales call. Content marketing provides that encyclopedia of facts to address virtually any scenario.
  2. Unique product or service differentiators – What makes your widget stand out in a market of similar widgets? THAT’S part of your story. These facts are valuable and empower your sales team to educate, inform, and navigate within the sales cycle.
  3. Industry insights – Does your sales team know industry trends that will impact production or sales in the near future? They should. By positioning themselves as that “Go-To” for industry knowledge, your sales team builds a stronger brand presence and dependency from the market on their knowledge.
  4. Case studies and successes from the front lines – What better way to prove your skills or your viability than by citing actual case studies to the fact? Did your company solve a problem for another client? Tell the world about it!

At its core, content marketing is the foundation of a good marketing communications program. From brand-building and public perception to digital connectivity, relationship-building, and sales, the content created for your marketing program will help your sales and business development team guide customers through the landscape of your brand.

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Keep Cooking,
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef