Content Marketing? Blogging? Digital PR? Journaling? E-News?

We’ve heard a number of terms for it, but whatever you call it, it’s important. Content Marketing (what we call it here at SPOKE) is a strategy that should be present in every aspect of your marketing plan. It builds brand narrative and reinforces market knowledge and authority all while being infinitely packageable and a valuable source of sales support.

content marketing drives more than your blog

Bring Clients Closer By Building Your Brand Narrative:

Brands need to communicate. It should be core to their nature. By telling stories (Content Marketing) Brands increase the ability to connect to their target audience on a sub-transactional level. Sure, sales, technical specifications, and pricing are necessary to the close of the sale, but all of that becomes a commodity in a strong Content Marketing strategy. Through a strategic, cohesive narrative, marketers break down barriers to that final call-to-action, “Will you buy from me?” Whether it’s through assimilation to the market, assurance of professionalism and quality, or making those ever-valuable personal connections to the end users, the story being told should always offer Brand relevance, familiarity and trust. A Brand that is trusted is infinitely more valuable than generic, “off-the-shelf” solutions.

Package (and Deliver) The Message:

Content created for “the long tail” (see “5 Crucial Reasons for Business Blogging”) is just the start of what a robust Content Marketing strategy can provide to your overall marketing communications enterprise. With social media platforms becoming ripe landscapes of potential customers, targeting your content for distribution beyond your digital hub (Web site) must be part of the Brand communications strategy. Where do you share your content? Facebook? LinkedIn? Pinterest? An E-Newsletter? Each provides a unique audience and the ability to target within each channel.

Also consider development of direct response strategies based on your Content Marketing program. Many of our clients use their online content as the genesis to direct response campaigns centered around each unique concept. An “Old-school” direct mail campaign (USPS’s Every Door Direct program is a spectacular, economical tool for this) to a targeted list offering insight on their industry or your product is now an infinitely traceable strategy where conversion metrics can be seen and acted upon. Make sure to create a compelling call-to-action and a system to measure the actions taken for each campaign and the investment will be minimal in comparison to other more expensive tactics.

Good Content Feeds and Supports The Sales Team:

While many Content Marketing campaigns focus on external distribution and client acquisition, imagine the value of these stories to your sales force. The content derived from a good brand-driven content campaign offers an encyclopedia of company insights, industry perspectives, and opportunities to connect with the end user. Whether it’s you behind a single computer or dozens of professionals on the streets working with prospects and customers, a consistent, engaging story that is relevant and trustworthy makes every relationship stronger and more profitable.

At its core, Content Marketing is the foundation of a good marketing communications program. From brand-building and public perception to digital connectivity, relationship-building and sales, the content created for your marketing program will guide customers through the landscape of your brand.

For over a decade SPOKE Communications has provided the strategies and creative behind these brand-centric Content Marketing programs. If you’re looking for competent, creative marketing communications strategies that have measurable impact, you can start by clicking the “Contact” tab above, or simply call us at 515-257-6584.

Keep Cooking,
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef