Video Marketing is becoming more prevalent every day. Whether it’s streaming Facebook live videos or higher-end produced pieces, it’s become such a valuable tool that companies looking for better engagement, better brand representation and clear, concise messaging are jumping into the video marketing game.

For over a decade, the SPOKE team has been producing videos for our clients. Added to an effective content marketing plan, video offers the end users, the client’s target audience, a strong connection with imagery, messaging, and branding in a sweet, entertaining, encapsulated package.

Here are a couple samples from recent projects SPOKE produced for client video marketing strategies:

Of course, there are a few things to remember when producing a video for marketing to make it “hit the mark” and make the impact your clients need.

Remember the K.I.S.S. rule: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”

With attention spans ever-shrinking, the written word (blogs, articles, advertorials, etc.) are garnering less engagement. Video keeps the end user engaged with motion, clear, spoken language, entertaining graphics and often a great underscore. With all that, though, you need to keep the message clear, crisp and SIMPLE. An over abundance of any of those items can make the video too much to digest. Make sure you have a targeted message and trim the fat from your dialogue (if applicable). Keep graphics simple and easy to comprehend as well as giving enough time for the viewers to absorb the information. Zippy animations and flashy movement often distract from the message and you end up losing connection.

You don’t need to have a Hollywood production facility to make an effective marketing video. While we’d all love big CGI effects, a sound stage, and incredible editing suites, for most companies, it’s just not budgetable. As you saw in the videos above, each was strategically produced to fit their end application (and budget) — one for higher-end viewership at corporate events, trade shows and seminars, and the other, pared down for a more personal, online reach and engagement. Know when to increase production and when to streamline for efficiency.

Finally, unless you’re creating a documentary or plan to be featured on TED Talks, make sure your final video length is consumable. What does that mean? At SPOKE, we like to keep the higher-produced pieces around 3 minutes or less. “Talking head” or explainer videos can be even less; 1 to 2 minutes at best. Remember, this is a vehicle to get your message to the consumer as efficiently and as clearly as possible. Twenty minutes of detailed processes and flying graphics will end up in the “half watched” pile and you’ll lose your chance to convert.

For more information about video marketing or samples of SPOKE’s video marketing work, check out our portfolio page. For pricing and strategies behind our video marketing services, please contact us through the “Contact” page within our Web site or feel free to call: 515-257-6584.

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