Well, thank you, Captain Obvious. Who would think otherwise?

But did you catch the “Strategic” part?

strategig marketing communications

While the headline seems overly apparent, we’ve witnessed time and time again businesses from solo entrepreneurs to mega-conglomerate Fortune 500s miss the mark when truly strategic communications would have helped. Whether they miss an opportunity to speak up on a business-relevant event or their news feed is so full the brand focus and target of the message is lost, businesses need to make sure communications strategies are in place at all times.

Much of this falls under Brand Communications and Public Relations Strategies.

  • What do you say about your company?
  • When do you say it?
  • To whom do you say it?
  • How do you distribute it?
  • And, of course, a part that many companies forget: When do you keep quiet?

The SPOKE Group works with our client-partners developing these strategies to best connect and convert targeted audiences for “the good of the company.” Often times the “good” we see from these strategic communications efforts aren’t necessarily in products or services sold, but in brand awareness and positive brand perception. In the end, that’s where the long game (Marketing) is played and brand loyalty and financial growth happens.

As you look at your communications efforts, think about the strategies behind each marketing tactic. Does it fit, strategically, into your mission? Does it carry out your brand message? Will it positively impact brand perception? Will it encourage engagement? Will it ultimately increase sales?

The team at The SPOKE Group has been developing marketing communications strategies for our client-partners for over two decades. From brand communication strategies to digital marketing, public relations, and more, our efforts are focused on creating positive, profitable market impact.

If you’d like more information on how The SPOKE Group can help your marketing communications efforts, reach out to us through our “Contact” page, email biz@spokecom.com, or call our offices at 515-257-6584.

We look forward to hearing from you.