Boy, did I miss the days of frequent public speaking. At one time, I had as many as 2 speaking engagements booked for each month of the year (2005, 2006, 2007). While I was starting up SPOKE Communications (previously CreateWOWMarketing), it was a great way to hone my marketing and branding processes through “Live Engagement and Research” and build a resource for client development for the business. Of course, it’s a true testament of the love I have for what we do at SPOKE when I get to stand in front of a group to share marketing communication tips, tricks and tactics to better brand companies (or individuals) and reach customers through good digital marketing practices.

After quite a bit of “down time,” 2017 was kicked off with a bang, getting my presentation chops back while working with the Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (IFVGA). We’d worked with their board and a handful of members a few years back on branding strategies and marketing solutions for agribusiness. The 2007 workshop we did led to a couple of long-term clients (SPOKE customers to this day) as well as some pretty interesting insights into Ag marketing and entrepreneurship in agriculture.andrew b. clark spoke communications des moines iowa

it’s a true testament of the love I have for what we do at SPOKE when I get to stand in front of a group to share marketing communication tips, tricks and tactics

This year, the IFVGA brought us in to present at their 2017 Annual Conference for the event’s keynote address (what an honor!). Adam Hohl, Executive Director of IFVGA said he’d enjoyed working with us in ’07 and asked that we come back to discuss the TRUE Branding process. (Check out the presentation below and the link for more on TRUE Branding).

While working through the details of the keynote and logistics for the event, we also worked out a breakout session for the conference that focused on SPOKE’s digital marketing consultation and strategies for organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Both sessions were spectacular. The Keynote – TRUE Branding – opened the day with a great, action-oriented process for businesses and individuals to build – or build on – their brands. The process and the presentation are geared to bring actionable items to the group so everyone could walk away with “to-do” plans for their brand.

TRUE Branding Presentation:

[slideshare id=71434814&doc=spoketruebranding012517-170126202450]

In the afternoon’s digital marketing and SEO presentation, we really took the blinders off. Many smaller businesses – especially rural business and solo-entrepreneurs – have a hard time with establishing a good, “discoverable” digital footprint. Through the breakout, we discussed the advantages (and obstacles) to digital marketing and building an online presence that can be truly discoverable. We covered Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and discussed the advantages of thinking through SEO over investing in Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or online ad placements.

The presentation below covers much of what was discussed in the breakout (even provides some secrets of the trade). What stood out to attendees was the depth at which a business can control the discovery of their digital footprint for search engines. Many had never seen SEO tactics like this – let alone tangible results that can be realized with just a few minutes of forethought and the use of free tools found on the web.

Digital & Search Engine Optimization Presentation:

[slideshare id=71609842&doc=spokemarcomm-seo101012517-170131223215]

After all was said and done, we considered the day a tremendous success. Just as with our presentations in ’06 and ’07, the engagement and discussions led attendees to find value in the TRUE Branding process as well as the SEO and Digital marketing program. And, of course, it was great to get back into the speaking groove again.

If you, your company or organization would like to discuss more of the TRUE Branding or the Search Engine Optimization programs with us, please feel free to reach out to us through the contact page of our Web site, call (515) 257-6584, or email us at: biz{at}spokecom{dot}com.