A client asked me the other day, because I work quite a bit in video, if I encouraged others to use video to generate stronger interest in their brand.  Generally… YES.  But why?

At the time, I couldn’t give him a definitive answer. I use many sources to create interest in the brands I manage, so to single out video made it difficult to communicate the sole benefit to their brand. Eventually, the conversation diverted to other topics, but I just couldn’t forget the question.

So, out of curiosity, I clicked on the YouTube link on one of that customer’s competitor’s websites. It was FILLED with “Case Studies,” 42 of them over the span of 9 months… Highly produced. Beautifully edited. Impressive…

At first glance, I was jealous. But after some thought, I’m a little disappointed.

Here’s why:

Why, after investing all that time and energy – not to mention, money – into producing, scripting and editing these “Case Studies” would you NOT make them somehow relate to the customers whom the videos represent? And why wouldn’t you make the videos inspire me to ask the question “Why don’t I use these guys?”
All I see is

“Look at me! Look how cool I am! See how awesome I think I am?”

So to answer the question, “… WHY do I encourage producing video to generate interest in your brand?

If you can’t relate to a company, personally, video is the web’s next best thing. You can make “eye contact” with the company and hear them speak about their benefits and judge for yourself if they are relevant to you or not. They can create passion and love for a brand BEFORE you even purchase. Or…  they can do quite the opposite.

So why… oh why do the bulk of what we see on YouTube and such FAIL at relating and inspiring consumers to make the valued decision?


Base question… Does better technology like social media and video in particular inspire better communication or does it perpetuate arrogance and pomposity?

Food for thought.

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. Well said. I think it’s always easy for a company to make a video where they speak highly of themselves, but the true value comes in taking a moment to consider, “How can I evoke a positive emotion in the potential customer watching this video?”

    It’s slightly more difficult, but I agree, far more effective then 42 videos saying “Look how awesome we are!”

    • Good point … Hard work is responsible branding / story-telling… puffing your chest is easy. 🙂

  2. Good point … Hard work is responsible branding / story-telling… puffing your chest is easy. 🙂

  3. Marketing is all about solving a problem for the person you are trying to reach. Video seems to be the best way….I’m working on one for a product launch for that very reason. My challenge is the cost of production if I go the slick route vs.a home video or video podcast.