300 stories. Think about how impactful 300 pieces of information could be to your brand. How many times have you told your story? How many times are you ready to tell it?

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In the spring of 2014 I renamed my company SPOKE Communications. While the underlying structure of the company hadn’t changed, the services I thought important to provide our clients had. I wanted to focus on proper storytelling, stories that make stronger connections between our clients and their target audiences. I wanted my company to be the “SPOKE” between the two, the piece of the communications wheel that creates balance, provides structure and reinforces integrity.

That spring, I reset the counter to zero. I wanted a fresh start and new focus. With updated communication strategies and brand strategy programs established, SPOKE Communications started to pick up momentum. One client after another saw the advantages of balanced and integrated communications strategies. From better positioning in search returns to a deeper, more strategic brand communications connection between marketing and sales programs, the SPOKE communications strategy showed return.

One client has been with me since before the name change. With the SPOKE team working as an integral part of their communications and public relations strategy, this client has not only been able to control the conversation around the brand of an entire community, but also enhance perception and manage messaging through numerous local, regional and national news channels. They’ve addressed and mitigated negative news events. They’ve promoted positive events. They’ve seen community perception change. They’ve seen the conversation change. They’ve experienced considerable growth and exposure. And now, they’re looking at 2020 with new development plans and proposals on the table like the area has never known before. And SPOKE helped them get here through a measly collection of 300 stories.

300 stories is a significant contribution to any communications program, but each one stands on its own as a piece of an important picture. Some came with promotional intentions. Some had video. All had photos or graphics. Some were intended to educate. Some were to help motivate. Some were to help comfort and assure a community in times of unrest or concern. Some, likely all, were to help strengthen the connection between the client and their public – their “Brand Advocates.”

This is what communications with purpose, balance, structure, and integrity provides.

Today, with this client, I hit 300 stories and I’m hoping there will be 300 more. Because this is my passion. From the day I started this career I wanted to do nothing but help people tell their stories. Whatever the application – graphic design, photography, videography, copywriting, illustration, public relations, education and training, I live to tell stories.

Can I help you tell your story?

Until next time, Happy New Year and … Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef.