The argument continues about the value of your social media marketing on SEO. I’m here to say it once and for all, Social Media Marketing CAN Help SEO!

Having accounts in FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest et al., isn’t the end all and be all for your social media marketing efforts. That, at best is a “Level 1” effort of a good 4-Level potential program.  With strategy, content and the right marketing communications partners (yes, you need help and CAN NOT do it alone), the integration of social media into your marketing plans can boost Search Engine Page Positions (SEPP) as well as your relevance to your target audience.

Below is a presentation we gave to the MOXIE Business Networking group through the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce in Urbandale, Iowa. This presentation scratched the itch for HOW to integrate a good social media marketing strategy into a “Level 2+” program. There is SO much more that can be done, but if you’re doing AT A MINIMUM the outlined program, you’re going to be ahead of 99.9999% of your competitors that think SEO or Social Media is a DIY program.


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