This is a simple concept. Social media isn’t about me. If I have something to say that benefits others, I share it. Sure, I tweet about getting a parking ticket. I toot my horn when I get a good project. Heck, I even posted about my dog dying. It’s cathartic, supportive and reliable… That’s inevitable. But social media isn’t about ME.

Social media is about community. Social media brings an ever-changing world together in one voice. Sometimes it creates a lasting impression.  Sometimes it leaves a bad taste. Like it or not, social media, at its core, is for the community (you).

Social media isn’t about ME!

When used with that phrase in mind, social media can make things happen. When focus is turned from the individual to the community it can create impact. Two of the biggest brands in the world joined together during The Tour De France this year to point that out.

Social media isn’t about ME!

It’s about you.


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