When we were kids, seeing a Formula 1 race screaming past or a 20′ Ape walking with us as we stroll down the street wasn’t completely out of the question.  We simply closed our eyes and the world around us turned into our own fantastic playground. Whatever we wanted we had.  Whatever we imagined was fact. Easy-peasy…

So what happened?

What happened to the race cars zipping down main street?  What happened to the lasers beams from your finger tips or the super powers stored in a beach towel tied around our necks? Were we SO wrong? Or was life so twisted to let our minds convince us that flying from our tree house was not only possible but THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION to traffic congestion?

Sure. Right up to (and shortly after) the point of launch… THUD…

Some think that through rote and systematic educational environments and the disillusion of getting older with more responsibility and stress, our ability to be free in mind and spirit is quashed.

Why does it have to be so?

Here is a group of adults (the agency and the client) that have picked up and answered that call from their imaginations.

How to CreateWOW…

Creativity can be part of every day. Imagination and the love of life can be incorporated into everything you do.

While none of my clients can afford production like this (yet), I’d be surprised if they didn’t at least smile at the idea of being SO creative with their marketing (give us a chance). 🙂

Thanks to Batelco and their AMAZING creative marketing team for reminding us exactly how to CreateWOW!

When your imagination calls, answer!