Some days I sit back in my chair and wonder, “Why the heck isn’t anyone posting?”

It’s not for a lack of information.  It’s not for a lack of inspiration.  It just falls on that blank page!  It’s too intimidating.  It’s too…  blank; so your mind goes blank.

In attempts to alleviate that, I’ve coached my clients to keep a journal, either digitally in EverNote, or the “Old fashioned way” in a notebook, of ideas, snippets, quips or even a doodle that would later inspire a blog post (and I’ve changed “blog post” to “article” for most clients – that’s a different story).

Yet, when I come in each morning, I have an empty feed reader or empty inbox for many of them. GRRRRRRRR!

So, this morning, I reactivated an idea that I had about a year ago when I started working with CreateWOWmarketing.

Call-in posts!

Sure, it’s not rocket science, but with a little testing, I found that the return time for posts is almost instantaneous. I gave three clients my call-in post line and within :30 minutes, I had all three recorded and ready to go live. Shortly after I gave the number to one client, they called my office line and said,

Holy *@T@, that was so easy! You can just take that and post it to our site?!?

THEN, he took my idea one step further…

Let’s schedule a regular morning call in session!  I can conference in my Tempe office and call the POST LINE and have a 3-minute interview!


That was THEIR idea. Not mine…  🙂

SO, how do you do it without tying up your office line every day?

Well, there are a lot of internet phone services out there, but this particular time, I set it up on a Google Voice number I’d reserved when starting CreateWOWmarketing.

It’s free. It’s simple. It notifies me in my email of new messages…


Check out these great examples from my Twitter friends:

Here is a test call-in post from Deb Brown (  – @DebWorks on Twitter.

And the audio (click to play): debbrown

Here is a test call-in post from Chris Sieberling from ETC Graphics  (  – @ChrisWithETC on Twitter.

And the audio (click to play): chrissieberling

Here is a test call-in post from Brent Williams (  – @1BrentWilliams on Twitter.

And the audio (click to play): brentwilliams

Now, the transcription of the Google Voice isn’t great (as you can see above), actually sometimes they can be pretty darn funny. But with the advantage to have an audio file to include on the page is PRICELESS!

SO…  now that we’ve cured writer’s block,  what’s your excuse for not posting regularly?!?

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  1. Andrew,

    That is awesome!! Great work as usual!!