What is it that you’re willing to GIVE AWAY to help build your brand? Branding isn’t necessarily about you, nor is it even about making money (although that helps). Sometimes building a brand less about what you get and more about what you give.

Giving part of your brand is a piece of the marketing puzzle that Michael Hyatt talks about in his book, “Platform” and he illustrates this technique wonderfully at his blog, www.MichaelHyatt.com.  Here is a prime example: “7 Reasons To Buy My New Book”

From my perspective, if you receive permission from your target audience to GIVE them something, that’s an easier way “In” to their personal culture. If what you’ve given them is truly of value to them, the sale will be that much easier.

It’s not “Giving Away The Farm.” Quite the contrary. Give your target audience just enough to entice them to come back seeking more… more time, more knowledge even samples of your product or service.

In any case, they have come back, hands out, and ready for more.

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Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef