At CreateWOWmarketing, it’s no secret that cause marketing is close to our hearts and always something we’re looking out for – for ourselves and for our clients.  It’s a fantastic way to give back to a specific movement, cause, foundation or charity while raising the awareness of your brand.  CreateWOW has a done a lot of marketing for non-profits and foundations since its inception, and it never seems to get any less rewarding.

With that, our friends over at Boesen the Florist have decided to show us exactly how it’s done! As one of the biggest privately owned florists in the nation, Boesen’s is always in the mix when it comes to rewarding sponsorships and donations. Being a family-owned retail shop, their heart just seems to be closer to the bottom line AND their community…

Delivering on a Cause…

This year, Tom and Frank Boesen stepped up with a lot of donations within the community, but the holiday season of 2010 seemed to bring another foundation to their attention, and they decided to do something about it.

Tom Boesen said:

“…in 2010, too many local families have been tragically fragmented with the war. Our economy has been rough on those same families as well as those that struggle on a daily basis.  So this year, Boesen the Florist is going to donate 25¢ from EVERY local delivery we make from December 8th 2010 through January 2nd of 2011 to the Marine Toys For Tots Foundation!”

I couldn’t believe it. Boesen’s delivers hundreds of floral arrangements every day.  Can you imagine the gift waiting for Toys For Tots at the end of the promotion?

If you’d like to help, please go here to see Tom’s post on the promotion.  Or simply go to and make YOUR order for delivery today.

It’s worth so much more when it makes a difference to those that need it most.


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