How does your brand stand out in a crowded market?  It’s not enough to tout “great customer service” or “our focus is on quality.” Those are feeble excuses for separating your company brand from the rest.  It’s when you have a proven, quality product and recognizable trait to your brand that the differentiation will emerge.  And most times it’s not something that your marketing department or even the CEO can define.

In an article from William Lozito (@WilliamLozito on Twitter) he talks about the unexpected success Sweet N’ Low has had with their current “Think Pink” campaign.  And while what I was reading was typical “Branding 101” stuff, I did pull one specific quote from the article that resonated to the power of intrinsic brand recognition.

Lozito wrote:

“Other sweeteners will have to share, because nobody can take pink away from Sweet N’ Low. Even sweetners who essentially have their own color (Splenda) do not own their color the way Sweet N’ Low does.”

How many times have you been asked if you would like “sweetner” with your Tea?  How many times have you simply said, “The pink stuff.” I know I have.

Intrinsic brand qualities can’t be forced. It’s in the DNA of your brand. But the right marketing and awareness of the brand can bring out the qualities that make you a SUPER Star among STUPOR Stars.

What are some other brands that have that intrinsic quality that makes them stand out?

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Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

Illustration Credit: Kevin Frank