I just started at CreateWOWMarketing on the 10th and I want to be indispensable!

It is easy for most of us to be a small cog in the great machine of the company. You just do the minimum and reap the rewards of your biweekly paycheck. There are some people who want more and realize that the work atmosphere has changed recently, and has become far more competitive. I want to be the one that keeps the machine running, so that without me everything will fall apart.

Often when you are an outstanding worker you will discover that even more is expected of you and that can be a scary thought. Blending in and sliding through the weeks is simply easier. According to Seth Godin in Linchpin most fear comes from your Lizard Brain.

Seth defines “Lizard Brain” as:

The lizard is a physical part of your brain, the pre-historic lump near the brain stem that is responsible for fear and rage and reproductive drive. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because her lizard brain told her to.

Want to know why so many companies can’t keep up with Apple? It’s because they compromise, have meetings, work to fit in, fear the critics and generally work to appease the lizard.

That is why so many people, myself included, felt so safe in school. If you failed the worst that could happen would be getting a low grade, but there was always a chance to turn it around. The statistics have shown that as high as 80% of our decisions are made based on fear alone. Fear even has the power to stop you from doing the simplest of activities, such as a blog post. I realize this book is over a year old, but it is still relevant today.

I want you and I to start today by kicking the Lizard Brain’s butt and never looking back!

– Haley Meckstroth