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I sat in a client’s office earlier this week chanting the same words that I’ve been chanting for the last three years. And then, as if I was on autopilot, I detached myself and heard myself say…

“Strategic social media marketing isn’t so much having the social media tools, but knowing where and when to use them to support your brand and your targeted market.”

Oh my God, did I really say that out loud? I sound like I just read it out of a book…

Then the phone rang — saved by the bell (okay ping or buzz… what phone rings these days?)

Out of minor frustration, I encouraged my client to go ahead and take the call while I gathered my thoughts for the next round of “consulting.” I wrote down the statement as I’d said above.

It had impact, but I wasn’t sure how to stretch it into a learning opportunity for my client.


As I wrote, I listened to my client talking to his caller. The caller was in trouble, and she called HIM to save the day.

He counseled her through the issues facing her. He asked open-ended questions. He answered calmly, logically and with concern for her well-being. While the conversation took all of 2 minutes, my client discovered a need, defined a solution and secured a client’s trust. All in 2 minutes!


When he got off the phone, I’d already put my pen down and closed my notes.

“How did that go?” I asked.

“Oh, jeez…” he started to vent, “…that happens every day. I get clients calling in, not quite understanding how to do this.”

“Sounds challenging, what else?” I asked.

“Well it’s all pretty simple, but…” and he stopped.

“But what?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just that I’ve been doing this for 10 years and it’s easier to just call me and…” and then he stopped as if he was hit by a bus… “That phone call is a f&%kn’ blog post!”

I leaned back in my chair and smiled. “Now you see it.”


In the last three days, I’ve received notification of five new posts on this client’s site. He’s using his daily customer service calls as case studies. He documents the need. He creates a logical understanding of the solution and then closes with the reader better understanding the challenges that face them. And (ironically) HE is the solution.

It’s perfect.

What perfectly blogable moments do you have today? Try to be more aware of them and use them to build your brand. Your knowledge base is unique and valuable. Share it with those that need it.

Keep Cooking,
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef