SO, the Holiday season is in full swing. The joy and laughter around the office tends to get a little bigger. The warmth of the coffee tends to feel a little cozier and the casual feeling of family creeps into the sometime stodgy business environment.

I think I start to notice it when the first Holiday card arrives in the mail. Generally oversized envelopes with holiday stamps and hand written addresses start filtering their way through the mail slot right after Thanksgiving (some earlier for you holiday addicts). Once a year, the only time mail is taped, pinned, stuck to the wall or posted on the front desk for all to see.

This year is a special one for me. This is the first year that CreateWOW actually has a “Front Desk” to speak of. Sure, holiday cards arrived in the past, but pulling them out of a P.O. box to take to my home office just didn’t feel the same. This year, I watch. I listen for the mail slot to clank open like I’m waiting for the winning lottery numbers to be called. And there they are. Cards from customers, vendors, friends and neighbors alike flooding through the door like a gush of Christmas cheer.

This year, though, I’ve seen a dip in traditional “Snail Mail” deliveries for digital deliveries of cheer. Email or Facebook Posts from friends saying “Merry Christmas, hope to see you soon,” or Tweets (yes, Tweets) saying “Have a great Xmas!” — short enough to add a custom shortened URL link to a landing page with a stock holiday greeting on it… WHAT?

What happened to the art of handwriting a holiday greeting? Has time become such a commodity these days that pulling out a pen and simply signing your name has become too tiresome? When I get holiday greetings over social media channels, I feel like they just noticed I was online so they just remembered to mention it to me like:

“Hey, nice tie!”

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned. Maybe I’m just old. Who knows? But when it comes to sending a greeting for the holidays I’d like to have something to hold on to. A card is perfect. Of course, they will be lost and / or forgotten after a few weeks, but for the season, the cards that I put on my wall don’t disappear with every following post or Tweet.

How about you? Which wall do you want to display YOUR holiday cheer on?

Happy Holidays! From The Brand Chef and everyone at CreateWOWmarketing.

Now you can print this off and tape it to your wall… Or maybe we actually sent you a card?

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Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef