Color me inspired.

His name is Matt Morgan. Unassuming, but as deep and spiritual as any man I’ve ever met. Matt and I met at the monthly #CIB (Central Iowa Bloggers) event a while back.

This is a great event where every first Friday of the month, bloggers, social media newbies and seasoned stud-bolts alike gather in conversation and coffee to share ideas and foster strength in our passion for blogging and social media.  It’s a joyful and exciting morning (about 6 hours worth for some) and you’re guaranteed to see a handful of new faces along with the #SMCDSM standards every month.

At this particular #CIB, I met Matt, a social media novice by any definition, but when he walked in with his “Art” I was completely blown away (and HE came to US for input and advice). WOAH

By (self) definition, Matt is a proud Youth Pastor at the Fort Des Moines Church of Christ, but by divine decree, Matt is a TRUE artist. In any medium, with any person, Matt inspires the best.

There’s a saying that goes something like this…

“If your job is doing what you love, then you’ll never work another day in your life.”

I always politely smiled and nodded my head when someone said that to me, generally because I never really understood what it meant.

Having a J-O-B was WORK. My parents WORKED their entire careers in jobs that were…  well… WORK.  You’re SUPPOSED to sweat and toil day in and day out to earn a wage that hopefully balances the commitment and effort you put in for 40…  60… 80 hours a week.  You do that with the expectation that you’ll, in turn, be able to afford to teach your children the same value and work ethic you learned from your parents.

It’s the economic “Circle of Life.”

Well, on that day, I was shown the difference between a “J-O-B” and working at what you love for a living.

Matt embodies the spirit of the statement quoted above. He came to #CIB to further his knowledge of blogging and social media and he brought a piece of his art to “us” to get reactions, to get validation, to get support, to share inspiration. By the time he walked out, he’d left me and a number of the #CIB true wanting more.

So, shortly there after, I contacted Matt to ask him if he would honor me with his interpretation of my company’s logo in his style of  “cut stone” (a process I’ll leave to HIM to tell you about). Calm and unassuming (as I said before), Matt said “Sure.”

As you see, the result was beautiful.  I gave little direction and he produced the perfect icon for CreateWOW. Iconic. Exacting and effective.

Here’s the rub. When we finally came to an agreement on price, I paid (about 1/4 the value) and turning to leave, I asked, “Do you have a website or someplace I can send others to see your work?”

Matt said, “Nope. Never thought of it.”

See, Matt does what he loves to do for a living. He’s a Youth Pastor. He’s an inspiration. So it’s not a “marketing opportunity” to do a sign for TheBrandChef.  It’s fun.  It’s rewarding to him. It get’s the kids he mentors a chance to say “Coooooool!”

Now I get it.

I asked Matt if writing a post about this unique experience would bother him and he granted me permission.  He also granted me permission to post his phone number if any readers of this post would like to discuss having him work up a stone-cut masterpiece for you. I’ve already forwarded two leads to him in as many days.  So give him a look. He doesn’t have a website (yet) but you can find him here (maybe even at the next #CIB):

Matt Morgan: 515-981-9860

  1. Matt’s work is fresh and creative, fun and effective. It is true, do what you love and money will follow. How could it not? When you are content and happy, great things start to happen. After spending four years looking outside myself for the answers to my dwindling bank account, I looked within and like Matt, began doing what I love to do. In my case, it is guiding people to discover their Talents, Abilities and Gifts and to transform fear into empowered action. Tell, Matt I’ll send his info to a couple people who have been asking for a logo. Marty

    • Thanks Marty! I will do that! And thank you stopping by and reading. It’s good to have you in the mix.

      Leading a life of joy seems so simple, but in its application some get lost in the “to do” list and miss the mark. While fulfilling on a certain level, like Matt, you have purpose and reward to your chosen path. And for that I congratulate you!

      Keep Cooking – There’s always a hungry person out there…
      Andrew B. Clark
      The Brand Chef

  2. I was at CIB that Friday morning when he brought in his samples. He does amazing work! He truly is an artist! I would not be ashamed to recommend him to any one! Great story!

    • I agree, Georgie. It’s IS amazing just WHO you get you meet at #CIB!


  3. Wish I lived near by. Sounds like a great group.

  4. I am sorry to hear that Matt misrepresented himself and mislead the people of this organization. Matt is not a youth pastor…he was at one time but was fired because he took advantage of a young widow who had just lost her husband. He unfortunately is a complete fraud as a human being and refuses to even look for a job. He instead has moved in with the widow he took advantage of and simply sponges off her. He claims to be godly but instead is an incredibly evil and selfish predator and taking advantage of people in weak states of mind is his passion…not art by any means. I again am very sorry to hear you were all mislead and conned by this person.

    • Hi Brian.

      I too am sorry that there is some misunderstanding between Matt and his past associates. My dealings with him have always been forthright and pleasant. I have never been in any situation to accuse him of improprieties of any kind.

      I DO, however think his tallent IS an art that deserves recognition. I judged Matt on his talent and personal engagement alone, not his past (as I’d just met him the week before). I trust that whomever Matt has affected in his past has either rectified their issues with him or have chosen to move on to a more peaceful state of mind.

      “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is obsurd.” Voltare