Midwest Marketer or not, what do most of you do for your birthday? Party? Sure. Gather with friends and celebrate another successful year of living? Of course! But how many of you get to walk the beautiful fields of Iowa shooting video of Corriente cattle?

Just us select few Midwest marketers, that’s who!

Birthday’s aside, I was so impressed with the Yoke S Ranch’s facilities and their cattle, I wanted to make a quick video about it.

If you’re looking for outstanding flavor and nutrition in your beef as well having the advantage of being grass fed and antibiotic-free; the Yoke S Ranch is going to be your producer of choice.

We love building new relationships with innovative and future-focused producers like Rick and his team. Be watching for a new digital presence for Yoke S Ranch as well as the opportunity to try, taste and purchase your own grass-fed Corriente beef.

Welcome to the CreateWOW family Yoke S Ranch! We’re excited to have you on board!

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef
CreateWOWmarketing, LLC