We love our customers. It’s evident in the time we put into every project, the quality of work we produce and the passion we have for all things that go “WOW.”  But it’s a rarity to hear anyone from CreateWOW spouting personal accolades, or “Tooting their horn” so-to-speak. It’s just not our style…

Well, today, we received a blessing and a tremendous testimonial from a client of CreateWOW and we’re going to pass along her comments and let the horn-tooting resound.


If You Can’t Toot Your Own Horn, Why Have One?

Now, this particular client, Lindsay LeMay from Numark Buildings out of Pella, Iowa, was sent to us through a referral from another – which in itself is one of the best testimonials we could ask for, but once we started working with her, it was evident that the relationship was going to be different that a typical “Rip out a WordPress site” client.   There was great need for established brand and marketing understanding as well as sensitivity to some of their current SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs as well as future expandability of the company and the site.  So through the TRUE Branding process, we worked with Lindsay and her team – more to understand their needs than to “Teach/tell” them HOW to market THEIR business. Honestly, it was more listening than talking for us and we welcomed every syllable.

So there it was: their needs were discovered, a strategy was built, tactics developed and implemented – all as a team, the client, CreateWOW and the beauty of email, Skype and the good-ol’ telephone (we never met face-to-face). 🙂

Below is Lyndsay’s comment back to (for) CreateWOW.  We’re humbled and honored to work with such tremendously valuable people.

To See more, go to http://NumarkBuildings.com

We were looking for someone to help update and teach us how to manage our website. We were recommended to create WOW marketing from another company who was impressed with what they had done for them. After talking with Andrew and getting down the ideas of what we wanted, he went straight to work. He went above and beyond our expectations. He also took the time to explain to me what he was doing so that I didn’t feel out of the dark or so that I could change anything at a later date. He is also very efficient at returning phone calls & emails. I would recommend WOW marketing for anything you might need.

Lindsey LeMay
NuMark Building Corp.


Here’s hoping that YOU get to work with such great people in all of your professional endeavors!

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef