This is about as political as I get. Considering the events that have unfolded this week (the “untimely” demise of Osama BinLaden), I found it appropriate to speak up. Whatever side of the isle you sit on or whatever God you pray to, take heed. Look beyond yourself – just for 60 seconds. THEN, go back to what you were doing, knowing that there IS more.

May 2, 2011:

I watched a riveting documentary on Dr. Martin Luther King last night and felt compelled to talk about committing to something. More importantly, the relentless pursuit of committing to something greater than ourselves. Dr. King’s rejection of lies, the pursuit of truth, the belief that he could change the world did change the world around him – for the better.

Why is it that some people traverse through life with no real cause yet chastise those that have one? While their time is spent worrying about how to get the best parking spot, shutting the world out and putting other people down, there are others that push the envelope and stand for something. Why spend all your time focusing on yourself? It’s boring. If all you do is talk about yourself, who wants to hear that? Everyone needs to commit to something – something other than themselves.

When I embarked on this SPOKE journey, I wanted to change business, change perceptions. I have never been afraid to challenge what is expected. The years have taught me that it is not about ME, it’s about YOU. SPOKE does not exist without knowing that there IS a greater purpose.

When I come to work, it’s because I know I’m making a difference in the lives of the people I work with. I am telling their story. I am giving them a voice. I am creating change. I believe I can make a difference, and I do. It’s just knowing you were born to do what you do.

Go commit to something.

Keep Cooking! (for more than yourself)
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

  1. Wow! Good stuff Andrew!!

    • Thanks Georgie!

      I’m usually pretty tight-lipped on things like this, but the chatter on FaceBook and Twitter inspired this one…

      Keep Cooking!
      Andrew B. Clark
      The Brand Chef

  2. So true. It is important to think about others and the way your actions impact others. 🙂