If I ever get caught up in the online world I like to watch the clip below (don’t watch if you’re offended by strong language…because this clip is pretty “strong”). This is the famous Always Be Closing scene from Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwin eviscerates a team of under performing real estate salesmen.

In a harsh blood boiling way Baldwin reminds me to remember the phrase A.B.C….Always Be Converting. A conversion can be a product sale, a phone call, an email sign up, an SMS text marketing campaign opt in, etc. What does conversion mean to you? Have you defined this most elementary outcome you’d like to see occur when someone DOES find your firm or you personally online?

It is wise to keep your eye on the A.B.C. ball when developing a web strategy so we don’t end up with 1000 fans, 500 followers, and $0 in sales. ABC.