Brand-Driven Communications

Spoke Communications develops focused communications strategies based on brand, audience, and outcome. By treating each communications campaign as a unique conversation with your customer, engagement and brand understanding is achieved more efficiently and with greater results.


Targeted Digital Marketing

Digital marketing needs to be focused on your audience, your message, as well as the platform that best connects. Through targeted research and proven marketing communications strategies, built to reach your audience, Spoke Communications delivers the results you need from every post and tweet.


If You Use It To Communicate…

From print and digital to audio, video, and mobile, the tools your company uses to communicate create the wheel that carries you to your customers. Each spoke must connect you and your business to your audience. With expertise, execution, and proven strategies your journey will be more successful.


Latest Spoke Communications Posts

  • social media marketing
    Beware The Social Media Spell
    May 21, 2015 by
    Unfortunately, this is Social Media Marketing for many: Look deeply into my eyes… you are feeling veeeery sleepy… sleeeeepy… deeeeper… deeeeeeeeper… relax and let the social media mystique take you to a happier place. Deeeeper… Dee… Yeah, sometimes I feel like social media has cast some kind […]...
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  • web marketing des moines iowa
    Five Web Marketing Questions You Need to Be Asking
    May 14, 2015 by
    Okay, this set of five questions starts with one MAJOR Web marketing discovery question: “How successful is your Web site at accomplishing your marketing goals?” If you don’t know the answer, you need to stop reading now and set proper goals goals.  Only through goal-setting and tracking […]...
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  • branding entrepreneur des moines iowa marketing communications
    The Entrepreneur Brand
    April 24, 2015 by
    I had the honor of heading down to southern Iowa last night to talk to the Entrepreneurship students at South West Iowa Community College (SWiCC). My charge was easy enough; explain the steps I’d taken through entrepreneurship and how branding affected my decisions and the development of […]...
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