marketing communications jobs in des moines iowaWE’RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOOD TEAM MEMBERS!

SPOKE is growing again, and it’s become quite a fun ride for all of us. While our little company continues to increase in scale and scope, we’re moved to add to our team so we can maintain the service and quality we have set as a STANDARD for ALL of our clients. That’s why we need YOU!

We need the master of the impossible – someone that can handle themselves with multiple account administration for marketing and communications. If you’re driven and want experience doing everything you saw on “MadMen” (minus the sex and alcohol and general stupidity), this is the place to start. We’re small. We’re driven to achieve greatness. We’re focused on TRUE brand integration and marketing that makes sense for our clients … and US!

Your duties will include:

  • Account administration and traffic coordination – schedules, data and basically keeping everyone’s head on straight.
  • Use of WordPress and WordPress administration
  • Graphic Design for Print, Web and Interactive (If you play in Adobe Creative Suite, you’re 1/2 the way there.)
  • Copy Writing for Marketing and Public Relations
  • Participation in a Team Creative Environment for Client Services – Creative TEAM TEAM TEAM brainstorming and sharing of credit… did I mention TEAM?
  • Client Service – We have a need for a swing position that will work 2-3 days per week AT our client’s location. You will also fully participate in client meetings and consulting as needed.
  • Willingness to GROW WITH THE COMPANY! Stick it out and we’re going to be BIG!
  • Self motivated. Self directed.
  • (everything and the kitchen sink)

Interested in joining a team that values you, your work, your opinion, and your time?

Please contact us TODAY! We’ve picked up a few clients that need your help NOW!

To apply, you can email us the following:

  • A Good Cover Letter – PLEASE something you’ve written within the last 24 hours (Boilerplate junk will promptly be printed and shredded while we dance around singing and baying at the moon.)
  • A Current Resume – Just because this is a “kinda mid-to-entry level” position, that doesn’t mean we need to know you mowed lawns over the summer to pay for college. But if you did… MAKE IT AN INTERESTING TALE.
  • An AWESOME Portfolio – Website is good, but the site better work. PDFs work, too, but PLEASE don’t plug up our inbox with everything you’ve ever done. Designs, writing samples, and actual projects you’ve done for marketing communications and public relations would be ideal – in any format as long as we can gain access and insight to your style and quality. (We can sniff out ISU, SIMPSON, DRAKE, DMACC, GRANDVIEW, and other college class projects from a mile away, so MAKE IT STAND OUT!)
  • Finally, A Blog Post – YES… a blog post that WILL be read and evaluated for use in future SPOKE Communications promotions. Write (a video is also acceptable) WHY you love working for SPOKE. YES… As if you already have the job, because if you walk into an interview with the expectations of already having the job offer, then you’re the go-getter we need. Make it unique. Do your research. And keep it to 400 words MAXIMUM. THIS IS NOT YOUR COVER LETTER!

Wrap it all up in a pretty bow (figuratively speaking) and send it off to:


Or if you’re old-school, you can mail it to:

SPOKE Communications, LLC
c/o The Brand Chef
5400 S# 30th Street
Des Moines, IA 50320

Good Luck! We’re excited to welcome you to the team!

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