Can You Name A Local Brand?

Last week we hit the streets with our office Ron Burgundy. We wanted to know a few simple things from the people of Des Moines. We were on a mission to find out what would happen if we asked people simple questions about branding and marketing. We wanted to know the true thoughts and feelings of other members of our great city.

  • Could they name a local brand(s)?
  • What was the biggest brand they could think of
  • Are there any brands they associate with?
  • What makes them say WOW?

The responses were all across the board. If you are thinking about the questions, as you read this, your answer to “what is the biggest brand you can think of” would be similar to those interviewed in the video. But, what made us say “WOW” was how almost everyone we interviewed couldn’t think of a local brand in Des Moines or Iowa.

There easily a dozen large brands in Des Moines that should be on the top of their minds. Brands, most of the people use or enjoy daily. But, we put them on the stop and they froze. They couldn’t think of any of them. Apart from the dozen or so large brands, there are another dozen plus that easily come to our minds.

How many marketing agencies are there in Des Moines anyway? Seems like a lot of them are not doing a great job, but that’s just our opinion.

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  1. Or maybe the “brands” are so integrated with their lives that they don’t necessarily see them as “brands.”

    Prior to hanging out with marketing types, I don’t think I would be able to answer the question either, but not because I didn’t know local companies, but because “brand” meant “clothing brand.”

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